Waterproof Adjustable Raincoat For Large Dog


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Designed to provide ultimate protection from rain, this raincoat is both functional and fashionable, keeping your furry friend dry and stylish!



Windproof & Waterproof: Protect your dog from the elements with the windproof and waterproof features of this raincoat, keeping them dry and comfortable even in heavy rain.

Full Wrap Design: Keep your dog dry and protected with the four-legged full coverage design, shielding them from rain and wind.

Skin-Friendly & Soft: The raincoat is made from a soft and gentle material that provides comfort for your furry friend, ensuring they feel cozy and content.

Warm & Insulated: With its thermal properties, this raincoat keeps your dog warm in colder weather, providing ample insulation against the chill.

Reflective Design: This raincoat is designed with multiple reflective strips to ensure the safety of dogs traveling at night.



M (Chest: 45-62cm, Back Length: 30-37cm).

L (Chest: 50-69cm, Back Length: 35-40cm).

XL (Chest: 55-77cm, Back Length: 40-48cm).

2XL (Chest: 60-89cm, Back Length: 45-56cm).

3XL (Chest: 75-107cm, Back Length: 51-67cm).

4XL (Chest: 85-123cm, Back Length: 60-78cm).



M (Chest: 17.7-24.4″, Back Length: 11.8-14.6″).

L (Chest: 19.7-27.2″, Back Length: 13.8-15.7″).

XL (Chest: 21.7-30.3″, Back Length: 15.7-18.9″).

2XL (Chest: 23.6-35″, Back Length: 17.7-22″).

3XL (Chest: 29.5-42.1″, Back Length: 20.1-26.4″).

4XL (Chest: 33.5-48.4″, Back Length: 23.6-30.7″).