Watermelon Cat Scratching Pad



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Watermelon Cat Scratching Pad


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Introducing our Watermelon Cat Scratching Pad a fruity-designed cat scratcher that will quench your cat scratching desires. It’s a combination of a sleeping mat and a scratcher that can integrate into your room decor. To help keep your cat busy, and maintain its claws, take it now!



1) Made from safe and durable 100% natural sisal.

2) Unique watermelon design.

3) Anti-skid latex at the bottom, increase its thickness and stability so that it is not easy to slide.

Unique fruit-styled cat scratching pad offers a better appearance and fun scratching sessions.

Brings an additional place to lounge and sleep comfortably.

Watermelon design adds a fresh vibe to your home decor.

A separable sturdy frame with a slightly higher edge is perfect to carry corrugated scrap to ensure your floor is clean and tidy.