Summer Rattan Cooling Pet Bed With Pillow


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Comfortable Straw Fabric: Choose high-quality straw fabric, with soft skin and comfortable touch.

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Scratch-Resistant & Bite-Resistant: Encrypted high-woven mat, dense and elastic, not easy to break. Not easy to stick fur, resistant to scratching and biting.

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Preferred PP Cotton Padded Pillow: High rebound, light and fluffy and full, care for your pet’s spinal health.

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Plastic Drop Base Cloth: High-Quality base cloth, not easy to slide, durable.

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S (50 x 35cm/19.68 x 13.77″).

M (60 x 40cm/23.62 x 15.74″).

L (65 x 50cm/25.60 x 19.68″).

XL (75 x 60cm/29.52 x 23.62″).

XXL (90 x 70cm/35.43 x 27.55″).