Sneaker Shape Dog Chew Toy


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Soft & Comfortable: This dog chew toy is made of premium latex material, soft, has better palatability, safe and is more suitable for pets to play with.

Interesting & Attractive: A latex dog toy built squeaker, squeezing the toy will make a sound, very interesting and easier to attract the attention of the dog.

Interactive Toy: You can use this squeaky latex dog toy to interact with your dog by throwing the toy and then letting your dog pick it up.

Easy To Clean: Squeaky puppy chew toy is easy to clean and can be rinsed directly with water to keep it clean and take care of your pet’s health.

Unique Shape: This latex dog chewing toy is designed in the shape of a shoe and can be played with by your dog for hours to release hunting instincts.



Material: Latex.

Color: Green, Pink, Milky White.