Winter Thickened Warm Travel Pet Carrier Backpack


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Winter Thickened Warm Travel Pet Carrier Backpack is designed for traveling with your beloved pet, especially warm in winter and snowy days, you’ll be able to spend more quality time with your little buddy!

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Lightweight & Free Your Hands: Made of nylon, soft and lightweight, easy to clean. You can use it to carry your puppy or kitten for biking, hiking, camping, going for a walk or meeting with friends. Free your hands, it allows owners to go on more adventures with their cute pets.

Warm & Comfortable: Lamb fleece inside, warm and care for your pet’s sensitive and fragile little tummy, so your dog will be extra warm all winter. There is also a pocket on the front of the bag to keep our hands comfortable and warm while traveling, as well as for personal items. Extra massage padded shoulders for comfort and relaxation.

Thoughtful Design: The bag has a hidden hood that can be easily pulled out for your dog when it’s windy, raining or snowing. Leg and tail design makes your pet safe and comfortable

Safety: There is a safety leash inside the bag to keep your dog in place to avoid jumping out or escaping during the trip.



Material: Nylon, Cotton.

Color: Black, Pink, Beige, Gray, Green.

Size: 43 x 33cm (16.9 x 13″).