White Cream Style Cat Tree


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The soft cream color system renders a warm and healing home atmosphere, and the blue and orange color embellishment adds a little mischievousness to life.



Super Lookout – The ultra-high cat tree can fully satisfy the cat’s climbing hobby and also allow cats who love to rest in high places to have their own space.

Extra Wide Hammock – The hammock is comfortable and sturdy, allowing sleepy cats to have a rest space to relax.

Solid Structure – The shape is modern and home-style, integrating multiple functions into one. It can accommodate multiple cats to play at the same time.

High-Quality Plush Cloth – Selected healthy and odorless suede fabric, skin-friendly cotton and soft, more warm.

Strong Hemp Rope – The grab post is tightly wound with high-quality hemp rope, which is strong and resistant to scratching, and is not easy to drop crumbs

Jumping Platform Design – Filled with high-quality pp cotton, soft and comfortable, not easy to deform. Hang elastic hanging balls to increase the fun of cats’ play.

Wide Base Plate – The widened and thickened bottom plate makes the structure of the cat tree more stable, ensuring that the cat tree will not shake or collapse when the cat is playing.



1) Keep the product dry and do not place it in a humid environment.

2) It can accommodate 2-4 cats to play at the same time.

3) The cashmere carpet is made of anti-end insect and anti-bacterial fiber material. Clean the surface hair with a vacuum cleaner, or gently wipe it with a wet towel.

4) Wooden boards will have a slight smell, non-formaldehyde, and will not affect health. It is recommended to use it after 3-5 days in a ventilated place.



Material: Teddy Velvet, Jute Rope, Crystal Velvet.



Cream-Orange (51 x 51 x 96cm/20.1 x 20.1 x 37.8″).

Cream-Blue (59 x 36 x 80cm/23.2 x 14.1 x 31.5″).