Vintage Plaid All-Season Dog Sofa Bed With Plush Cushion


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Restful Sleep, Happy Pet. Designed with the well-being of your pet in mind, this pet bed features a padded cushion that relieves pressure points and promotes better sleep.

vintage plaid all season dog sofa bed with plush cushion 7



Comfortable & Soft: Provides a soft and plush surface for your pet to rest, ensuring their relaxation and comfort.

Fluffy & Resilient: The bed maintains its fluffy shape without collapsing and providing long-lasting support for your pet’s body.

Extra Padding: The bed is filled with extra padding made from high-quality PP cotton, offering added cushioning for your pet’s joints and muscles.

Neck Support: The raised edges of the bed provide excellent neck support, relieving pressure and promoting better spinal alignment during sleep.

Easy To Clean: This bed is designed with a zip at the bottom for easy removal and cleaning to maintain hygiene.



Color: Blue, Red.

Material: Cotton Linen, Plush, PP Cotton.

Size: L (65 x 55cm/25.6 x 21.7″), XL (76 x 71cm/29.9 x 28″).