Snake Cat Wand Toy


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The squeaking rattlesnake is staring at its cute big eyes and spits out a tongue to attract curious cats. The thick elastic rubber rod is strong and resistant to bend. The cat teaser is designed with soft plush and natural feathers for a sweet relaxing time.



Sound paper in the Snake Stick – The snake is equipped with sound paper. Every time you press and shake, the snake will make sounds to attract cats.

Odorless Material and Sterilized Feather – The fabric is made of odorless strong and bite-resistant plush cloth and sterilized feathers so that the cat can clean the tartar in the mouth while playing and biting without worrying about accidental ingestion.

Spiral-Shaped Snake – The sound stone is added to the snake’s head and it will shake back and forth when you touch the snake lightly, letting the cat release its hunting instinct.

Skin-Friendly Plush Fabric – Selected healthy and tasteless PV velvet fabric, soft and comfortable without shedding.

Elastic Rubber Rod – Thick elastic rubber material, strong and durable. Even when it is bent hard, it can still quickly return to its original shape when vigorously waved.

Non-Slip Rubber Handle – Soft and elastic ergonomic rubber handle prevents accidental release while playing with your cat.



Snake Cat Wand: 140cm x 6cm (55.1 x 2.4″).

Spiral-Shaped Snake: 18 x 18 x 32cm (7.1 x 7.1 x 12.6″).