Self-Draining Indoor Dog Potty Tray


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1) Save hundreds of dollars each year and only cost 3-month expense of dog pads.

2) Seamless connection design, no urine leaks to the floor.

3) The splicing function helps to adapt your dog from puppy to adult by double or triple enlarging the size.

4) Easy to use and clean without the problem of disposing of dog pad waste.

5) Aesthetic design, focus on details. Build an integrated dog toilet, which is stable, strong and practical.

6) Comfortable surface touch enhances the dog’s memory for better training.



1) Firstly, you need to use some dog training inducer on the potty tray.

2) Introduce your dogs to the potty tray by using some treats to encourage them to go on top of the potty tray.

3) Use an old pee pad with a bit of their urine which works as an attractant and place it on the tray.

4) Please do not yell at your pets if they do not go on the potty trays right away, this might misguide your pets.

5) When dogs finish peeing or pooping inside the tray, use some treats as a reward and stroke their heads by hand.

6) Last but not least, remember persistence and patience are the keys to successfully training your dogs.