Mess-Free Silicone Burger Holder


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No More Messy Burger! Easily hold your burger & no more messy sauce falling apart! This reusable holder saves you tons of napkins, packaging & time for cleaning the mess!

MessFree Burger Holder

Easy to Assemble: Made of food-grade, recyclable non-stick TPR, our adjustable fold lets you hold your burger, bagel, donut, muffin & sandwich in any size!

For Burger, Bagel, Donut & More!

Keep Your Fingers Clean! The U-shaped notch lets you bite easily without your fingers & face all messed with the sauce, compared with traditional food wrappers!

MessFree Burger Holder

Save you Napkins & Money!

MessFree Burger Holder

100% Reusable: This eco-friendly, durable holder lets you quickly rinse it with water to use it again!

MessFree Burger Holder

Portable For Everyone: Perfect for all fast food lovers including kids & elderly to enjoy anywhere.



Material: Food-Grade TPR.

Color: Gray, Orange, Pink, Blue.

Size: 10.5 x 5.6 x 4.6cm.



1 x Mess-Free Silicone Burger Holder.