Outdoor Cat House With Terrace


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Three Stories & Great Heights: This large wooden cat house has three stories for plenty of room to explore and sniff around, giving two kitties an easily shareable space. Two doors and a window offer three spots to enjoy looking down at how high they are from the ground, while hidden and peeking out. A hole provides a fun way to get from one level to the next inside.

First Level/Shelf Design: The versatile multi-purpose bottom level can be used as a shelf to store things, saving space in closets, your garage, or cabinets. It can also offer a place where cats can lie down. Set a cat bed down to let your fur baby sleep under a roof outdoors.

Flat Terrace: Give your cats a luxury that you would enjoy, too. The covered terrace at the top of the ramp provides a place to jump down from the top door, a place to rest in the sun, and a spot to enjoy being up high.

Weatherproof: A weatherproof asphalt roof lets rainwater slide down and water-resistant walls protect the inside.