Letterbox Cat Tree


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Whimsical Design – With a whimsical yet durable design, this cat tree brings fun and function to your home, giving your cat their own personal cat-sized letterbox to enjoy.

Letter Box Post Cat Bed – The top platform is a red letterbox cat bed, where your cat can sleep or perch inside or on top of the box.

Openable Letter Box Door – Open double-sided ventilated and not stuffy, closed for a more secure feeling.

Scratching Post – Connecting the letterbox to the base is a sisal rope scratching post, perfect for scratching and climbing.

Wide Base – The wide square base provides stability so your cat can play and lounge without the worry of tipping over.

Catnip Toy – Envelope-designed cat toy with cotton and catnip inside, felt cloth for scratch and bite resistance.

Soft Teddy Fleece – Selected comfortable fabrics that won’t hurt the skin.

Natural Sisal Rope – Thick and tightly wound sisal rope is scratch and bite-resistant.



1) Keep the letterbox post cat tree dry and do not place it in a humid environment.

2) Regularly dry to reduce the growth of bacteria.

3) Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the letterbox cat condo surface hair daily, or wipe the surface stains with a wet towel.



Material: Teddy Fleece, Felt, Sisal Rope, Elastic Rope, Catnip.

Size: 45 x 30 x 79cm (17.7 x 11.8 x 31.1″).