Green Apple Silvervine Cat Toy


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Magic Catnip – The pillow is well-filled with a fresh catnip bag, which is an irresistible temptation for cats.

Fresh Silvervine Stick – Selected Silvervine tender branches with rich wine and B-benzyl help to regulate gastrointestinal health and relieve cat emotions.

Sound Paper in the Leaves – Apple’s leaves are equipped with sound paper. Every time you press, the leaves will make sounds to attract cats.

Ultra-soft Crystal Velvet – The Apple is wrapped in cotton soft crystal velvet materials. Not easy to lose hair, and it will not fade when it encounters water.

PP Cotton Filling – Tightly filled without deformation. The sewing is meticulous and wireless, making it sturdy and durable.



1) Please use it with caution if your cats are less than 2 months old or pregnant.

2) It’s normal for cats to be excited, sneezing, and drooling after playing with silvervine and catnip toys.



Material: Crystal Velvet, Silvervine, Catnip.

Size: 9 x 10cm (3.5 x 3.9″).