Good Words Semi-Enclosed Cat Bed


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Wacky and cute gesture pet bed, touch soft and comfortable, dedicated to creating a cozy environment for your pet.



Soft & Cozy: Soft, short plush that makes your pet feel like he’s in the clouds.

Durable: Selected soft and highly resilient material, durable and non-deforming.

Safe & Secure: Semi-enclosed and extra high design to make your cat feel more secure.

Fun: Childlike gesture design, decorating a warm home.

Easy To Clean: Removable cushion, easy to clean and prevent bacteria growth.

Non-Slip Bottom: Ad hoc raised polka dots on the bottom for increased friction and greater stability.



Material: Short Plush, Polyester.

Color: Green, Blue.



No Problem (Green) 54 x 68 x 24cm (21.26 x 26.77 x 9.45″).

Very Good (Blue) 52 x 52 x 30cm (20.47 x 20.47 x 11.81″).