Garden Snuffle Mat Dog Toy


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1) The Garden Snuffle Mat Toy is a delightful pet accessory designed to engage and stimulate your furry friend’s natural foraging instincts. It resembles a mini garden with vibrant, textured fabric leaves, flowers, and hidden pockets for treats or kibble.

2) This interactive snuffle mat toy is perfect for dogs and cats who love to explore and hunt for their food. It offers mental and physical enrichment, making mealtime an exciting and challenging experience for your pet.

3) The Garden Snuffle Mat Toy features a non-slip base, ensuring stability during play. Its soft and durable construction is easy to clean and machine washable, so your pet can enjoy it again and again.

4) With its colorful and engaging design, the Garden Snuffle Mat Toy not only provides entertainment but also encourages slow eating and reduces the risk of overfeeding, making it an excellent tool for pets prone to obesity.

5) This garden-inspired snuffle mat toy is a versatile addition to your pet’s playtime routine, serving as a boredom buster and an entertaining way to reinforce their foraging skills, all while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.



Size: 50 x 40 x 26cm (19.6 x 15.7 x 10.2″).

Material: Pearl Cotton, Polar Fleece.