Interactive Hanging Mouse Cat Toy


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Bust your cat’s boredom and step up their play time with this interactive hanging mouse cat toy!

This interactive cat toy is designed with a catnip-infused mouse shape and an elastic rope that can be hung effortlessly to your door. Allowing it to be stretched and swung around every time it’s been swatted by your kitten’s cute paws. This hanging toy will surely attract even your most finicky feline to play and stimulates their natural hunting instincts. What’s more? It’s not only for entertainment, but it also helps to keep your cat physically and mentally active! 

The mouse cat toy is durable so it won’t get snapped or damaged easily even after a continuous pounce and hit. It is also completely non-toxic and perfectly sized to prevent your curious tabby from any irritations or choking hazards. Furthermore, this toy offers an innovative triangular hook that can be hung stably without leaving a mark behind. Suitable for windows, chairs, doorknobs, cages, door beams and more possibilities!  

Keep your lovely feline entertained and occupied for hours using this interactive hanging mouse cat toy! 


Hanging Mouse Cat Toy: The adorable toy offers hours of entertainment for your furry friend while also encouraging them to indulge their natural predatory instinct! It features a catnip-infused mouse shape that can be suspended to your door’s casing frame. Allowing it to swing and bounce freely every time it’s been swatted by your kitten’s cute paws. Keep your cat interested and entice them to chase and capture the mouse toy.

Perfect Playmate: This interactive hanging mouse provides a sufficient amount of physical stimulation and mental development. It helps to keep your tabby active, healthy and fit while also giving them lots of fun!

Sturdy Elastic Rope: It comes with a 180cm rope that can be highly stretched and retracted to let the mouse sway and shake around. Attract even your most finicky feline to play and motivate them to jump and pounce. Furthermore, the elastic rope has a lovely cat-shaped adjustable buckle that allows you to shorten or lengthen the string. No worries as the hanging toy won’t easily snap or break even when it gets caught and chewed on.

Wide Application: The mouse cat toy is designed with an innovative triangular hook that can grip stably to your door case without ruining its surface. It can also be hung on your windows, chairs, doorknobs, cages and so on. Give your kitty a much more entertaining play and their needed exercise rather than laying it boringly on the floor.

Premium Material: Made from high-quality, non-toxic plush and metal materials that boast extreme durability. It is completely pet-friendly, making it safe to get played on and on by your furry friend. The hanging mouse toy is also perfectly sized so it won’t cause a choking hazard.



Material: Plush, Plastics, Metal.

Length: 100 ~ 180cm.

Weight: 28g.



1 x Interactive Hanging Mouse Cat Toy.