Crown Design Soft Suede Dog Sofa Bed


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Promote deep and restful sleep for your furry friend with this dog bed, ensuring they wake up refreshed and energized.



High Backrest For Enhanced Comfort: Experience optimal support and relaxation with the high backrest design, providing excellent support for your dog’s neck and back during sleep.

Plush & Full Padding: Indulge your dog in luxurious comfort with the plush and full padding that offers a soft and cushioned surface, perfect for long naps and lounging.

Reversible Design For Versatile Use: Enjoy the convenience of a double-sided cushion, allowing you to switch between different textures and colors to suit your dog’s preferences.

Anti-Slip Bottom: Keep the dog bed in place with the anti-slip bottom, ensuring it stays securely on any surface and preventing accidents or movement during playtime or sleep.

Easy To Clean: Simplify your cleaning routine with the fully removable and washable design of this dog bed, making it effortless to keep it fresh, clean, and hygienic at all times.



Material: Suede, PP Cotton.

Color: Blue, Pink, Gray.



S: 55 x 40cm (21.7 x 15.7″).

M: 60 x 50cm (23.6 x 19.7″).

L: 70 x 55cm (27.6 x 21.7″).