Cozy Embroidered Cotton Pet Pillow Quilt Bed Set


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Pets are our closest family companions, and adding household items to them is a very enjoyable and loving process.

cozy embroidered cotton pet pillow quilt bed set 6



Skin-Friendly Material: Cotton fabric is soft and comfortable, including pillows, quilts, and sleeping pads, so that your pet can enjoy a full sleep experience.

Removable & Washable: The pillow can be disassembled and washed, and the inner core is made of waterproof cloth to prevent the inner core from getting wet.

Give pets a sense of security: When the owner goes out, the pet can still feel the owner’s love at home and accompany the boring time.



S: Pillow (18 x 38cm/7.09 x 14.96″), Sleeping Pad (45 x 70cm/17.72 x 27.56″), Blanket (45 x 70cm/17.72 x 27.56″).

M: Pillow (18 x 38cm/7.09 x 14.96″), Sleeping Pad (60 x 70cm/23.62 x 27.56″), Blanket (55 x 70cm/21.65 x 27.56″).​