Corduroy Round Durable Pet Pillow Bed


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1) Made with soft and corduroy fabric, this pet cushion is available in a variety of sizes to suit dogs of all breeds and sizes.

2) The dog mat is machine washable for easy cleaning and filled with soft silicone balls for superior support and comfort. Available in a wide range of colors, you can choose the perfect shade to match your home decor.

3) Whether your pet is lounging or sleeping, this bed will provide them with the ultimate comfort and relaxation.

4) The plush corduroy soft fabric & silicone beads filling, and variety of colors make this bed an ideal choice for pet owners who want to give their dogs the best in terms of comfort and style.



Material: Cushion – Polyester Fluffy Fabric (Silicone Balls Filling).

¬†Size: M (70cm/27.6″), L (90cm/34.5″), XL (110cm/43.3″).




Corduroy Round Durable Pet Pillow Bed Round Washable Cushion image 3