UFO Magic Ball


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Is it a ball? Is it a frisbee? It’s both!

Throw a disc, catch a ball! Have an endless amount of fun outside at the beach or in the garden! This awesome toy is both a flat UFO disc and a ball in seconds!


1) Improve responsiveness and promote bone development.

2) Make your child more lively and cheerful.

3) Enhance immunity with physical activity to protect children’s health.

Who needs gizmos and gadgets when you’ve got a UFO Magic Ball to play with outdoors! Now, let your children put the phone and tablet away and let them enjoy outdoors for some physical exercise and fun with this awesome ball!

Easy to carry and store for on-the-go fun! Just pack it flat and slide it into your backpack for after-school fun with friends!



Material: ABS non-toxic material to ensure safety.

Color: Blue, Red, Green, Pink.

Weight: 300g.

Size: 21.5 x 26.5cm.

Style: With LED lights.

Suitable Age: 3+ years.