UFO Shape Interactive Food Treat Dispenser Bowl


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This is a treat toy for puppies or aggressive chewers, meanwhile, it has a unified warehouse to place snacks, so that your pet can use it flexibly, which can improve the pet’s intelligence, keep the pet active, and help the pet’s brain develop.




Dog Toy For Boredom & Stimulating: Let your dog pass the time and get rid of boredom, so that it can protect your furniture and clothes well. Training your pet to use the product correctly can make you and your pet interact and have fun and stimulating.

Slow Feeder Bowl: The bowl in the middle of the toy, which can put doggy food and snacks inside, by training to operate eating, we can prolong the time of eating, using it as a doggy slow feeder bowl. By extending feeding time and protecting the doggy’s stomach.

Durable, Easy To Use: The product is made of healthy and eco-friendly PP, extremely durable, so the doggy can use it for the long term. It is easy to wash and convenient to use.

Reduce Anxiety: The cat puzzle feeder adopts a fish-shaped appearance design, which can arouse pets’ interest and increase pets’ appetite. Reduce the boredom, anxiety, and stress of pets. Let your pet quietly enjoy their favorite food.

Gift For Pet: It’s not just a puzzle treat toy or slow-feeding bowl, but also a good gift for your pet, you can make it a gift for your pet when its birthday comes or other Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or other festivals.



Size: Diameter: 24cm (9.44″).

Capacity: 200g.

Material: Plastic.



1 x UFO Shape Interactive Food Treat Dispenser Bowl.