2023 NEW Luxury Double Layer Cat Wooden House


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The secret of a happy cat is to be a well-rested cat. This 2 Layer Large Cat Wooden House treats your favorite paw friends with a new decorative and comfortable home away from the elements.

Well made of high-quality MDF material, the Cat House ensures the best comfort and health for your pet. The modern-style appearance perfectly matches the furniture in your home, and the new double-layer design enables your cat to enjoy a double dose of pleasure. Its dual distribution of the Cat Condo satisfies different ages of cats. Since the floor apartment requires no steps, it is great for elder and young kittens. Meanwhile, the cartoon-shaped hollow window and footprint decoration not only increase air circulation but make your furry friends immersed in the paradise of the kitty world. Plus, smooth surfaces and the grey easy-to-assemble roof make it easy to clean the outside and inside of the Cat Condo.

The collapsible design allows for space-saving storage, as well as quick maintenance. By the way, our Kitty Scratching Playhouse is durable for your “little tiger” to have hours of scratching, climbing, jumping, hopping, playing fun games and the like every day.


1) Modern 2-LAYER cat furniture house with scratching board.

2) Contemporary design with MDF material.

3) A stylish and comfortable shelter for your cat that can be used indoors.

4) Neutral color tones fit in with your home’s existing decor.

5) It is easy to assemble, and the collapsible design allows for space-saving storage.

6) Durable, long-lasting construction. It will be sent disassembled. Installation is quite simple.

7) Large Space – Plenty of space, suitable for pets to play and relax. Make sure your pet’s safe and warm at night.

8) Cute Cartoon-Shaped – The cartoon-shaped hollow window and footprint decoration are cute that your cats and dogs will like and it also increases air circulation.