Luxury Convertible Car Pet Bed


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Treat your feline friend to the ultimate naptime luxury with our Convertible Car Pet Bed. This adorable and playful bed mimics a sunny convertible, offering a cozy spot for your cat to lounge and dream of open-road adventures.



Vibrant Colors – This car cat bed features a unique design with a playful and whimsical style, adding a touch of cuteness that complements your home decor perfectly.

Luxury Convertible Car – This cat bed boasts a fun and adorable design and offers spacious to satisfy various sleeping positions for your furry friend. It’s warm and comfortable.

High-Quality Material Filling – The car cat bed is filled with soft and resilient materials that are durable and resistant to deformation.

Four-Sided Embrace – This design gives cats a sense of security, safeguarding their every sweet dream.

Easy To Disassemble & Wash – The car cat bed can be easily disassembled and cleaned to prevent the growth of bacteria.



Suitable For: Pets up to 10kg (22 lbs)

Material: Flannel, Plush, Polyester Fiber.

Size: 70 x 68 x 28cm (27.55 x 26.77 x 11.02″)