4-in-1 Cat Christmas Tree


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Multi-Functional Cat Scratching Post Tower: This Cat Scratching Post Tower beautifully combines a sisal-secured post, an elevated perch, and a couple of furry balls together to fulfill the purr necessities – scratching, climbing, snoozing, and playing. It takes good care of your cat’s born instincts, promoting both physical and mental health. Designed with a feline’s lifestyle in mind, this scratch post will certainly be your four-legged friend’s favorite spot to spend a lot of time exploring.

Sisal Cat Scratcher To Save Furniture:  Made of natural sisal ropes, our cat scratching post stands up to constant scratching while hardly losing fiber, which ensures your cat does not ingest by mistake. It’s very safe for your cats and their claws. By placing it near the place where your cat tends to scratch, this cat scratcher will not only become a unique addition to your space but also serves as a protector of your furniture.

Hanging Ball Adds More Entertainment: The 4 balls make the post not only a scratching tool but also a lovely toy, delivering more mental stimulation for your indoor cat. The plush dangling ball could catch the attention and lead to full stretch for adult cats and small kittens, perfect for fun and relaxation. (Some cats may be too timid to enjoy their new scratcher – these furballs can attract your cautious kitty to it, helping him/her get familiar with the scratching post faster).

Stable And Sturdy Wooden Base: Crafted of premium materials and built with a solid structure, this cat post is safe and durable for your cat to fully release the scratching urge or to showcase its climbing skill. Our round base is made of heavy chipboard which provides extra stability and safety and prevents the cat tree from tipping over. Safety comes first, so toppling over is never an option!

Simple And Easy To Assemble: Cat scratcher overall dimension – 13.78″ (L) x 13.78” (W) x 17.32″ (H). The right size won’t take up too much space, suitable especially for small rooms or apartments.



1 x Round Disc.

1 x Sisal Post With 4 Plush Balls.

1 x Round Base.