Snowman Cat Covered Bed


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In the white world, a fat snowman made of white snow quietly guards the sleeping cat; in the long winter, the big-bellied snowman can gently insulate the cat from the cold outside.



Removable Hat – The top hat on the snowman’s head is fixed by double velcro, which can be removed and installed freely, adding fun.

High-Quality Cashmere-Like Fabric – The outer layer is made of high-quality imitation cashmere fabric, which is soft and comfortable, thick and warm, and easy to clean and care for.

Safety Vent – The vent design on the back of the cat house avoids the danger of cats suffocating after the cat house falls, and the safety factor is higher.

Detachable Inner Cushion – The detachable inner pad design makes it easier to clean. Regularly clean the inner pad to effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.

Solid Base – The 2-inch/5.5cm fiberboard base is thick and stable, which can prevent the cat house from tipping over, and can ensure the safe entry and exit of cats weighing about 12 pounds.



1) Keep the product dry and do not place it in a humid environment.

2) Please clean the inner cushion & surface hair regularly, or gently wipe the surface stains with a wet towel.

3) You can place items with cats’ familiar smells in the nest to guide cats to use them.



Suitable For: Cats up to 13 lbs (6kg).

Material: Polyester Fiber, Cashmere-Like Fabric, Polypropylene Plastic.

Size: 38cm x 35cm x 45cm (15 x 14 x 18″).