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Pet Canvas Shoulder Bag



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Pet Canvas Shoulder Bag


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Shrinkable Drawstring Design: not only suitable for pet head size but also able to meet pet avoidance habits and reduce stress reactions.

3 Anti-Breakaway Design: It’s very reassuring to go out. First, retractable drawstring opening. Second, internal safety buckle. Third, top snap buckle.

Breathable: Comfortable and breathable canvas fabric, not afraid of stuffiness when traveling. Polyester lining,  wear-resistant, scratch resistant and non-sticky.

Canvas Material: Made of soft and foldable canvas material, it can be easily reduced and does not take up space whether going out or at home.

Handheld Or Crossbody: Easily switch between two modes of travel, with an easy selection of usage modes anytime, anywhere, and a comfortable way to travel with your furry friend.



Material: Polyester, Canvas.

Color: Yellow (Bee), Gray (Dinosaur), Blue (Rabbit).

Size: L (38 x 38cm/14.96 x 14.96″), XL (45 x 45cm/17.71 x 17.71″).