Macarons Color Acrylic Sheet Cat Tree


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Selected Wood-Based Panels – Smooth and flat, environmentally friendly and safe.

Large-Area Jumping Platform -The combination of high and low platforms and cat beds allows cats to play and rest.

Quality Sisal Cloth – The grab post is tightly wrapped with high-quality sisal cloth, which is strong and durable, and does not shed crumbs

PP Cotton Filling – Filled with high-density materials, comfortable to the touch, not easy to deform

Replaceable Mat – Velcro design for easy cleaning.

Thick Base – Choose a thickened bottom plate to ensure that the cat tree will not shake or collapse when the cat is playing.



1) Keep the product dry and do not place it in a humid environment.

2) It can accommodate 2-4 cats to play at the same time.

3) Wooden boards have a slight smell at the beginning, non-formaldehyde, and will not affect health. It is recommended to use them after 3-5 days in a ventilated place.



Material: Polyester, Cotton, Sisal Cloth, Sisal Rope, Acrylic, Wood-Based Panels.

Size: 79.5cm x 60cm x 169cm (31.3 x  23.6 x 66.5″).