Large Thick Scratch-Resistant Spine Protection Dog Cushion Bed


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Spacious Design: Provides ample space for your dog to stretch out and relax, ensuring maximum comfort during sleep or rest.

Plush & Soft: Made with thick and soft fabric, offering a cozy sleeping surface for your furry friend.

Enhanced Head Support: The bed features an extra thick headrest, providing optimal support for your dog’s neck and head.

Spine Protection: Designed to support and protect your dog’s spine, reducing the risk of strain or discomfort, especially for senior or injured dogs.

Anti-Slip & Removable: The bottom is covered with non-slip particles, effectively fixed dog bed will not easily move position. At the same time, it’s easy to remove the outer cover and support machine washing.



Material: Crystal Velvet, PP Cotton.



L (60 x 47 x 18cm/23.62 x 18.50 x 7.08″) (L x W x H)

XL (80 x 64 x 18cm/31.50 x 25.20 x 7.08″) (L x W x H)

2XL (100 x 75 x 21cm/39.37 x 29.52 x 8.26″) (L x W x H)

3XL (120 x 95 x 21cm/47.25 x 37.40 x 8.26″) (L x W x H)