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Gingerbread Man Cat Scratching Mat



Gingerbread Man Cat Scratching Mat


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Inspired by the cute and brave gingerbread man, with yellow-brown as the main color and red and green dots, we have completed the design of the gingerbread man cat scratching mat. A flexible and sleepable multi-functional sleeping cat scratching mat that can meet the needs of paws, and also can rest the kitten comfortably, so that the cat can reap double happiness.



Multi-Functional – The soft gingerbread body is made of durable sackcloth, which can be used to lie flat and rest or to grind paws to release nature.

Lay Flat Or Hang – On the top of a gingerbread man cat scratching mat thoughtfully designed green hanging decorative rope.

Skin-Friendly & Delicate Fluffy Fabric – Soft fleece, comfortable to touch, soft texture, let the cat enjoy a peaceful rest time.

Fluffy High-Resilience Filling Cotton – Use high-resilience filling cotton, which is breathable and not stuffy, making cats comfortable and decompressed.

Cat Balls – A red ball and a green ball hang from a long red string for the cat to chase and play.



1) Keep the product dry and away from the humid environment.

2) Clean the cat scratching mat surface hair frequently, and gently wipe the surface stains with a wet towel.



Material: Peach Velvet, Wheat Ear Velvet & Linen.

Size: 55cm x 73cm (21.7 x 28.7″).