Forest Series Wood Cat Tree


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Everything your cat loves. Featuring two rooms, one top platform for your kitties to sleep in, and multiple scratching posts to keep your furniture scratch-free, our cat condo is perfect for your cats to climb, exercise, play, and relax.



100% Natural Sisal Rope-Covered Scratching Post: Sisal is a durable and scratch-resistant texture that cats love because it feels a lot like scratching on tree bark. Keeping your feline far away from your furniture, they would be more like to sharpen their nails and practice daily exercises on this cat tower.

Sturdy & Safe: The large cat tree is well-balanced and stable, so your cats can climb or jump on and off the cat condo without having to worry about it tippling over and are perfect for kittens and adult cats.

Non-Toxic Materials: Pine wood with the scratching posts covered in natural sisal rope, helping your cat keep its claws healthy. The cat tower activity center is designed to match any room décor and furniture and features neutral tones of raw wood color.



Material: Solid Wood, Sisal.

Size: 62 x 33 x 72.5cm (24.40 x 13 x 28.55″).

Weight: 7kg.