Cute Embroidered Squeaky Ball Interactive Dog Toy



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Cute Embroidered Squeaky Ball Interactive Dog Toy


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Does your dog still not have a ball toy of its own? This toy can be both a house or outdoor dog toy, playing in the living room, grassland, or beach, bringing you and your dog great fun!



Five Styles to Choose: This ball is available in five styles, with different colorways and animal embroidery. Meanwhile, the color-clashing design makes it even more cute.

Safe Material: Our toy is made of food-grade fabric, feel free to let your pet play with it. Your dog’s safety and health are our first priority.

Perfect Size: The diameter is 15 cm, which is a perfect size for both small dogs and big dogs to catch. With the colorful ropes attaches to the surface, not only is it easier for the dog to carry, but it’s also easier for you to reach.

Durable: This ball is durable and thick enough for your dog to scratch and bite.

Interactive Fun: Our toy makes a fun giggle bell sound as it rolls, satisfying the dog’s curiosity to play for a long time. The built-in ring bells can attract your dogs, tell your dogs you’re ready for games when making bell sounds.

Keeping Your Dog Happy: When you can’t accompany dogs, this ball toy will accompany dogs to spend a pleasant time. Squeaky dog toys for dogs are the best friends to accompany dogs to grow up.



Material: Plush Fabric.

Size: Diameter – 15cm (5.9″).



Although this toy is washable and has no fading, it is recommended that you do not wash it in the washing machine.