Cool Breathable Foldable Cat Tunnel Bed


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There’s nothing like a Cool, designed product for your Cat, and if your cat likes to be active but doesn’t want to get too hot, this Cool Breathable Foldable Cat Tunnel Bed is tailored for cats to create a free and comfortable space.



Cool Fabric: In contact with the skin of the part to adopt special cool feeling fabric, feel more comfortable. The fabric ensures comfort and helps to dissipate heat.

Easy To Carry: If you want to go on a trip, the foldable features of the cat’s nest are even better for you. You can easily fold the product into small rings and put it in your bag for your cat to play with anytime, anywhere.

Play Space: The tunnel design of the product allows your cat to have a happy playing experience inside. The design is completely unobstructed from beginning to end, and cats have a lot of free playing space.

Moisture Absorbent & Perspirant Wicking: Layered surfaces allow moisture to dissipate better. Even if the cat is wet, the nest will quickly become dry, keeping the cat out of the wet environment.



Material: Polyester.

Size: Length: 275cm (108.27″), Tunnel Diameter: 45cm (17.72″).​