Comfy Soft Felt Extendable Cat Tunnel


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Durable & Comfortable: Made of soft thickened felt material, this cat play tunnel is bite-resistant, wear-resistant and not easily deformed. Your cat will love exploring and relaxing in this cozy tunnel.

Foldable Tunnel: The foldable design of this cat play tunnel makes it easy to store and carry and takes up minimal space. Perfect for traveling with your feline friend, without the hassle or added weight to your luggage.

Versatile Functionality: This cat play tunnel has a multi-functional design that meets your cat’s diverse needs, whether exploring, hiding, playing, napping or relaxing.

Easy To Install: The foldable cat tunnel can be assembled with a button and can be easily combined into a cat tunnel. It is suitable for most cats and brings a lot of fun to their lives.

Fun For Cats: This cat play tunnel will bring lots of fun to your furry friends. They can explore each other, hide and run after each other in the tunnel. The bright colors and cute appearance will catch their attention and arouse their curiosity.



Color: Gray.

Material: Felt Fabric.

Size: 50 x 25cm (19.69 x 9.84″).