Coconut Island Cat Tree



Coconut Island Cat Tree


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Do you want to go to the beach for a vacation? Kittens can also have the joy of vacationing at home.

Fiona C. review of ZeZe Coconut Tree Style Cat Scratching Post With Nest



Creative Design – A unique and fun coconut cat tree hammock design that can be incorporated into every location in the home.

Premium Wool Felt – The wool felt is pressed at high temperature, thick and soft, not easy to deform

Plump Cotton Filling – Filled with high-density PP cotton. The shape is crisp and not easy to collapse.

Premium Jute Rope – The thick natural jute rope is selected, which is tightly wound, strong and scratch-resistant, does not hurt hands and does not shed crumbs.

Funny Cat Ball – Sturdy jute cat ball with sounding stones to attract your cat’s attention.

Thick Base, Structural Stability – 2cm Thick artificial board base, strong stability, not easy to collapse, more secure to use.



1) Keep the coconut cat tree dry and do not place it in a humid environment;

2) Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface hair, or gently wipe the surface stains with a wet towel;

3) This product is consumable.



Main Function: Claw grinding, rest & sleep.

Materials: Jute rope, wool felt, paper tube, wood-based panel, canvas, flannelette.