Christmas Tree Cat Tower


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The snowflakes fell quietly, and a fluffy hat was woven for the pine tree as a Christmas gift to welcome the coming Christmas. The enormous cat tree stood laden with ornaments, their favorite toys. For this was their cherished Christmas, a perfect playing place, their beloved Christmas tree cat tower.



Festive Design – This large tree cat tower features a design inspired by a Christmas tree, making it a fun and playful addition to any home during the holiday season.

Multiple Levels – The cat tree includes multiple levels for cats to climb, play, and rest on.

Hanging Ornaments – It includes hanging ornaments that cats can play with, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Cozy Compartments – The Christmas cat tree features cozy compartments for cats to rest and relax in, providing a comfortable spot for them to escape the holiday chaos.

Encrypted Plush – The top layer of the Christmas tree cat tree is specially made of plush, which is comfortable to the touch and keeps warm.

Sturdy Structure – Adopts a scientific triangular structure, and there is a hidden climbing channel inside, cats can shuttle freely without shaking.

Sleek Hole Design – Each layer of the hole is wrapped with flannelette to ensure the cat’s comfort and safety.

Hemp Rope Bottom Trunk – The cylindrical trunk is wrapped with hemp rope, which is strong and wear-resistant.

Double-Layer Base – One large and one small high-density board superimposed to improve bearing capacity and stability.

Stable Construction – Christmas tree cat tower is built to be stable and sturdy, ensuring that it can withstand even the most active cats.

Easy To Assemble – It will come with easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary hardware, making assembly a breeze.

Suitable For Multiple Cats – With multiple levels and compartments, the cat tree is suitable for households with multiple cats, providing plenty of space for each cat to play and rest.



1) Pay attention to keeping the Christmas tree cat tower dry and do not place it in a humid environment.

2) Clean the inner pad regularly to reduce the growth of bacteria.

3) Use a vacuum cleaner to remove surface hairs or dab surface stains with a damp towel.



Material: Wheat Velvet, Crystal Velvet, Hemp Rope, Paper Tube, Wood-Based Panel.

Size: 67cm x 67cm x 127cm (26.4 in x 26.4 x 50.4″).