Christmas Train Cat Condo


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Christmas Train is about to set off on a winter trip, are you ready for a perfect Christmas holiday? Let’s rock! Toot-toot! Christmas Train Cat Condo is a festive and cozy hideaway for cats during the holiday season. It features multiple levels, cozy beds, and sisal scratching posts for play and rest. The condo’s cute and colorful design adds a touch of holiday cheer to any home.



Festive Design – This cat condo is shaped like a train and features a cute and colorful Christmas-themed design that adds a touch of holiday cheer to any home decor.

Multiple Levels – Double-layer design, the cat can rest and sleep on the upper layer and play next time. The middle pillar also allows cats to sharpen their claws.

Spacious Space – The locomotive and the carriage of the small train are connected to each other. Huge space for cats to climb and play.

Sisal Scratching Posts – This condo features sisal scratching posts that provide cats with an outlet for their natural scratching behavior while protecting furniture and carpets from damage.

Soft Hole – The sides of each small tree hole are wrapped with soft and fine fleece fabric to ensure the safety of cats.

Delicate & Soft Cashmere-Like – Selected comfortable fabrics to keep warm and protect cats through the cold winter.



1) Keep the Christmas train cat condo dry and do not place it in a humid environment.

2) Regularly dry to reduce the growth of bacteria.

3) Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface hair daily, or wipe the surface stains with a wet towel.



Suitable For: Cats up to 16.5 lbs (7.5kg).

Material: Cashmere-Like, Hemp Rope, Paper Tube, Wood-Based Panel, Wheat Velvet, Peach Velvet.



Christmas Locomotive: 86cm x 40cm x 86cm (33.8 x 15.7 x 33.8″).

Locomotive Cart: 67cm x 33cm x 87cm (26.4 x 13 x 34.3″).