Checkerboard Tunnel Cat Bed


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An environment filled with a sense of security can provide cats with better sleep, and a cat bed that combines play and sleep will be the best gift for them.

checkerboard tunnel cat bed 5


High-Quality Material: It is made of skin-friendly and soft plush fabric, and the mat is designed to be thick, allowing cats to sleep comfortably even after playing tired.

Large Space: The tunnel space can accommodate multiple pets to enter and exit freely, activating their boring time and nurturing their hunting instincts.

Anti-Slip Design: The bottom is made of granular drop plastic cloth, which isolates moisture and is not easy to move.



Color: Yellow, Blue.

Material: Plush, Cotton.



M (48 x 48cm/18.9 x 18.9″).

L (60 x 66cm/23.62 x 25.98″).

XL (64 x 72cm/25.19 x 28.34″).