catnip bubbles cat toy
Catnip Bubbles Cat Toy



Catnip Bubbles Cat Toy


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Catnip Bubbles are an exciting, interactive way to get your cat back on its paws without the mess of traditional catnip. Crafted from a cat-safe solution of organic catnip oil and non-toxic soap, your cat will go wild for the fragrant catnip aroma.



1) Safe and non-toxic catnip-infused bubble solution.

2) Provides a fun and interactive way to play with your cat.

3) Can train a cat’s natural instincts and keep your cat active, healthy, and nimble.

4) Formulated with natural catnip oil to increase interactivity with pets and increase cat movement.

5) After the owner blows out the bubble, the mint smell of the bubble will attract the cat’s attention, and the cat will try to catch the bubble.

6) As soon as your cat sniffs this smell of the bubbles, you can start expecting behaviors like playing, jumping, rolling, vocalizing, licking and more!

7) This cat toy will ensure hours of fun for both the cat and the owner. It will improve the affection between you and your pet.



Capacity: 17.7ml (0.6oz).

Ingredients: Catnip oil and Cocamidopropyl betaine.



3 PCS (PACK) Catnip Bubbles Bottles.