2023 NEW Luxury Round Shape Rattan Cat Nest


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Two-Position: Cats love to curl up in hiding places, and this design has a rotating basket that can be placed with the open side up, creating a cute egg where your kitty can feel cozy and hidden. Also, if you ever need to reset it to the normal position, it’s just as easy.

Soft Cushion: This plush and cushy sleep spot is stuffed with padding and provides an ultra-comfortable feel with fabric that’s soft to the touch. Additionally, the rope-based structure is softer than previous models, ensuring no itchy texture.

High Places: A comfy sleep spot up above the ground is a place every cat has a higher likelihood of enjoying. Upgrade your pet bed with the height feline friends are instinctively drawn to.

Basket-Weave: From modern to boho to farmhouse to eclectic, you can make this kitty nest look good. The basket-weave esthetic of this raised cat bed adds charm to your living space and blends cohesively with many room styles.



Frame Material: Wicker.

Bed Cushion Material: Cotton.

Additional Materials: Water Hyacinth, Iron Wire,

Washable: Hand Washable & Machine Washable.

Weight Capacity: 10 lb.