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Automatic Retractable Dog Walking Harness



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Automatic Retractable Dog Walking Harness


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Do you want to enjoy a hassle-free and comfortable walking experience with your canine companion? Look no further than the All-in-One Dog Harness and Retractable Leash Set – the ultimate solution for a seamless walking experience you and your furry friend can enjoy together.

Dog Harness And Retractable Leash Set



Dog Harness With Built-In Leash: Dog harness & leash in One! Dog Harness & Retractable Dog Leash All in One makes it easier for you to take your dog out for a run, completely liberate your hands and have fun with your dog.

Auto-Lock System On Leash: The basic theory is similar to the car seatbelt device, designed specifically for dogs that like to pull hard. The System has a damping device that helps to absorb the pulling and encourage your dog to slow down.

Heavy Duty & Durable: Breathable & adjustable dog harness with leash has M/L/XL 3 sizes to be suitable for almost all dogs weighing between 20~70 lbs. For any type of dog with up to 180 lbs in weight, strong and durable. Safe to grip, a perfect spring for smoothly retracting your dog leash while you will not hurt yourself.

No-Pull Control: Our no-pull control dog harness and leash are specially designed for safer dog walks. Perfect for dog training or dogs that tend to pull hard. When the dog suddenly sprints forward, the retractable dog leashes itself and remains safely at its current length.



Simply fit the comfortable and adjustable harness around your dog and attach the retractable leash with a secure locking mechanism. You can then adjust the length of the leash as necessary, allowing for a hassle-free and enjoyable walking experience with your canine companion.