Silent Foam Sport Ball



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Silent Foam Sport Ball


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Get ready to enjoy lossless fun at home with the Silent Foam Sport Ball!

Specially designed for playing and throwing at home, this soft foam ball is perfect for all ages and skill levels. Safety is our top priority, and that’s why our foam ball is made with environmentally friendly polyurethane in a one-piece injection molding process.

This ensures consistent roundness, density, and bounce height every time you play. Plus, our advanced foaming technology means there’s no need to inflate the ball – countless fine and small holes are filled with air, and the air is discharged by squeezing the sphere to improve elasticity.

Say goodbye to noisy playtime with our ultra-light and mute foam ball. Countless tiny holes absorb sound, and collisions inside the ball gradually consume the sound, making it perfect for indoor play without disrupting the peace. Plus, it’s incredibly lightweight and won’t cause any damage during the game.

Our foam ball is also squeezable and can withstand strong pressure, bouncing back quickly with its impact-resistant and tactile surface that’s easy to grip. And with its unique design and features, it makes for the perfect gift for any occasion – from gift bag gifts to carnival prizes, treasure chest prizes, or even as a Christmas gift.

So what are you waiting for? Bring home the Silent Foam Sport Ball today and experience the joy of playing without any noise or disruptions!



Size: Diameter: 18cm (7.08″).

Color: Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow.



1 x Silent Foam Sport Ball.

1 x Bag.