3-in-1 Infant Bottle Cleaner



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3-in-1 Infant Bottle Cleaner


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Introducing the All-Round Cleaning Baby Bottle Brush!


1) High-Quality Silicone Materials.

2) Next-Level Clean.

3) Effortless & Convenient.

4) Perfect Baby Gift.

3-in-1 Infant Bottle Cleaner is the ultimate solution for keeping your baby’s bottles spotless. The soft and flexible silicone brush head easily reaches every nook and cranny, ensuring a thorough clean without any missed spots. Plus, the silicone material won’t absorb water, making it easy to dry and preventing any residual stains.

This versatile set includes a bottle brush, nipple brush, and straw brush, perfect for cleaning a variety of materials including PPSU, silicone, glass, and more.

Made from food-grade, BPA-free silicone, you can trust that this brush is safe for your baby. And with its dense bristles and ability to create rich foam with just a small amount of cleaning solution, you’ll be able to achieve a deeper clean than ever before.