2023 NEW Shell-Shaped Bohemian Handbag



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2023 NEW Shell-Shaped Bohemian Handbag


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The Shell-Shaped Bohemian Handbag is a must-have for the summer. It is hand-made out of natural rattan and is woven with the wicker technique. It can hold your daily necessities like a wallet, glasses, and more. It is the perfect bag for the beach.



Material: It is made from natural rattan. The rattan is used to make wicker weaves, it is made by hand. Rattan is durable and remarkably strong. As long as you keep your bag away from the elements, it will last a long time.

Texture: The bag is hard and strong. If it should accidentally drop from your hands, all your items will be intact and the same. It keeps your valuables protected.

Shape: If you love sea creatures then you will love this gorgeous bag. It is designed to look like a seashell. It is such a cute bag. If you have been secretly wondering what it would be like to have a sea shell for a bag, wonder no more, you have it right here.

Closure Type: It has a struggle-free magnetic hasp that makes it easy to open and close the bag. It completely secures the bag and keeps your things safe.

Capacity: You can carry your regular daily necessities with this bag. Things like mobile phones, sunglasses, chargers, wallets, headphones, and more. You can easily throw in lipstick, you might just need it. In any case, be careful not to overload the Shell Shaped Handbag, it can not bear too much weight.

Pockets: There is an interior pocket that could hold your phone or other important items.

Handle: As the name implies, this bag can only be carried by hand. It puts no weight on your shoulder. You can carry it as a clutch bag, this way you will remain cool and comfortable. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

Versatile: This Shell-Shaped Handbag is perfect for a day at the beach or for a picnic. It will also be suitable for a date, party, vacation and more.