2023 NEW Luxury Cat Treadmill Exercise Wheel


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Cats are drawn to softness, but they also like to stretch their claws out and sharpen them on the furniture. This design caters to both loves, giving them a carpeted interior to lay on while offering a sisal exterior to stick their nails in.

36.5" Harshad Perch

The 2-in-1 provides an extra way to feel good for an extra desirable toy. The design is made for physically and mentally healthy entertainment that opens up the possibility for a longer life, keeping your kitties living longer, and stronger.



Sisal Rope: The double-sided design features a sisal exterior that lets cats stretch out their claws to keep them from scratching the furniture, while the interior features carpet, which is comfortable and easy on your pet’s paws. The multiple textures satisfy your cat’s desire to claw while also pleasing their desire for soft surfaces, catering to them in two different ways.

Long-Lasting: The durable and solid construction is long-lasting to keep your cat healthy over many years.

Healthy Fun: Exercise will lengthen your cat’s lifespan, and this cat exercise toy offers numerous health benefits. Give your kitty the healthiest lifestyle by enabling mentally and physically positive entertainment.

Easy-To-Clean: Because the cat condo is wood and carpet, it’s super easy to clean. Simply give the wood an easy wipe down, and grab your handy vacuum for the carpet.



Material: Multilayer Board, Sisal, Pile Carpet.

Overall Dimensions: 29.5″ L x 13″ W x 36.5″ H

Bottom Frame Dimensions: 23.5″ L x 13″ W x 6″ H

Disc Size: 29.5″ Dia. x 8.75″ W

Runway Diameter: 7.75″

Recommended for cats less than 9 lbs.





1 x Luxury Cat Treadmill Exercise Wheel.

1 x Manual.